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(i,j)-step competition graphsADA Compliance Toolkit: Mobile SensorsA Browser-Based IDE For The Modified ECS Curriculum
A Qualitative Study of Wisconsin Computer Science in K-12Accelerating Geo-Spatial Computations Using High Performance ComputingAdvancing via MUzECS Platform
An Integrated Framework for Identifying Context-Specific Gene-Drug InteractionsAnalyzing and Mapping out data of MilwaukeeAnalyzing the Ethical Consequences of Popular Clustering Algorithms
Anomaly Detection in Swarm RoboticsApplication ProcessApplication of Competition Graphs and (1,2)-step Competition Graphs
Applications of Competition Graphs and (1,2)-step Competition GraphsApplied Probabilistic Forecasting Methods in Energy ConsumptionCharacteristics of the (i,j)-Step Competition Graphs of Real Food Webs
Cloud-Enabled Xinu Operating SystemComparing Two Models of HMPAO Uptake in the Lungs: Is a Compartmental Model Sufficient to Reliably Estimate Key Physiological ParametersComplex Activity Recognition
CubeSATCyber Security Vulnerabilities in Avionics NetworkingCyber Security of Social Robots and the Internet of Things
Darren JeffersonData Assimilation For Fluid Dynamic ModelsData Assimilation of High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Data Assimilation of High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamical SystemsData Assimilation of the High Dimensional, Nonlinear Dynamic SystemsDawson d'Almeida
DcronceDeconstructing Spatial Clustering Algorithms To Explore Biases in Crime AnalysisDeep Learning and Energy Forecasting
Developing Methods to Study Complex Food WebsDevelopment of Authentication and Management Systems for Systems Administration OfficesDiscovering Significant Pathways of Gene Regulation
Embedded Xinu Operating System on Raspberry PiExpanding Curricula for Parallel Computing Fundamentals in Computer Architecture and Hardware CoursesForecasting Stock Prices using Social Media Analysis
Game Engine for Serious Educational GamesGasDay Alarm PredictionGaussian Stochastic Processes for Coupling Landslide Hazards
Generating probabilistic models for forecasting using DNNGhongH^3 App: Blackberry Highway Exit Helper for Hungry Travelers
Imaging Rat Lungs using Inverse Problem AnalysisInferring Cancer-Specific MicroRNA-gene NetworksIntrusion Detection in Swarm Robotics
Intrusion Detection in a Small Swarm of RobotsJmillerKaty Weathington
KskampLSTMs for Energy ForecastingLeptin's Influence on Fat, Inflammation and the Immune System
Lindsey Coffee-JohnsonLinear Regression Model Trees for Electric Load ForecastingMUzECS:Chrome
Main PageMathematical Argumentation in K-8Michal
Minimizing Total Distance in Sudoku Number EntryMjbaker4Multicore Embedded Operating System Components for Education
Nathan SponbergNetworking in Electronic Financial MarketsPersonalizing Places of Interest Using Social Media Analysis
Phuc NguyenPredicting Relative 'Cleanability' from GeometryQuinci Henry
REU CalendarReverse Engineering Gene Regulatory Networks by Integrating Multiple Types of High-Dimensional Biological DatasetsRisk Modeling for Pyroclastic Volcano Flows
SUPREME: A Cancer Subtype Prediction Methodology by Integrating High-Dimensional Biological DatasetsSelf-Contained Solar Energy Experiment KitsSimSYS REU2015
Statistical Analysis of PARC Near West SideStatistical Analysis of PARC Near West Side: Identifying Zombie PropertiesStock Market prediction through social media analysis
Stock Prediction using Social Media AnalysisStudying Crisis Events on Social Media for non-WEIRD peopleSudoku Distances
Summarizing DNA Methylation Data at the Gene LevelSummer 2009 ProjectsSummer 2010 Projects
Summer 2011 ProjectsSummer 2012 ProjectsSummer 2013 Projects
Summer 2014 ProjectsSummer 2015 ProjectsSummer 2016 Projects
Summer 2017 ProjectsSummer 2018 ProjectsText Mining in Keyword Extraction
Text Mining in Keywords ExtractionTextmingThe Role of Leptin in Fat, Inflammation and the Immune System
Understanding Unanticipated, Social Consequences of Popular AlgorithmsUpgrading Embedded Xinu for the Multi-Core Raspberry Pi 3Using Bayesian Networks in Adaptive Online Skill Training
Using Gaussian Stochastic Processes (GaSP) for Hazard MappingUtilizing Graph-Cuts in Image Segmentation to Isolate the Heart within CT ScansValidating a CFD Model for Predicting Relative ‘Cleanability’ of Reusable Medical Devices
Working with Center for peacemaking and Data Analysis