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Griffin Berlstein

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Algorithmic Ethics

Clustering and Data Science

Project Log For Summer 2017

Week One (5/30 - 6/2)

Day 1 (5/30)

  • Attended REU orientation
  • Obtained ID card and computer access
  • Met with Dr. Guha and discussed broad ideas surrounding the project

Day 2 (5/31)

  • Attended Library orientation
  • Finished reading Ethics of Algorithms by Thijs Slot. This was the last of the pre-REU reading.
  • Started reviewing the basics of Python
  • Given crime data sets to review by Dr. Guha

Day 3 (6/1)

  • Attended a meeting on proper research practices by Dr. Factor
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Reviewed the basics of GitHub
  • Continued to review Python
  • Examined crime data and the various ways it was made publically available

Day 4 (6/2)

  • Moved mentor meeting to Wednesday due to scheduling issue
  • Started reading background information provided by Dr. Guha
  • Set up Jupyter notebook and the various dependent libraries
  • Created rough implementation of K-means clustering on random data
  • Obtained card access to Dr. Guha's lab
  • Posted rough, pre-discussion milestones

Week Two (6/5 - 6/9)

Day 1 (6/5)

  • Refined K-means implementation with the K-means++ seeding described in the Data Science Lab article
  • Experimented with visual plotting of the algorithm using Seaborn and Matplotlib

Day 2 (6/6)

  • Attended RCR training
  • Finished reading the relevant sections of Algorithms for Clustering Data
  • Experimented with Scikit-learn's implementation of K-means